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Mold Repair

Mold Repair for MST INC.

Texture & Mold Repair Done The Right Way

MST Inc is the answer when it comes to getting  the job done right. 

MST Inc. has moved itself to the front of the line when it comes to texture repair. We can weld, bench and repair the damaged texture area with the quality and speed necessary to get you product back into production.

With our advanced duplication process of texture patterns we can match virtually any pattern.

If it is necessary to weld a textured area it is extremely important to contact a MST Inc. representative to help and assist on the proper ways to preheat and post heat the damaged areas to ensure the best possible match of the texture pattern.

MST Inc. has repair technicians ready at any give notice to respond to your needs. If necessary MST Inc. is capable of on-site texture repair. Our goal is to get your mold back into production withe the shortest amount of downtime. 


We Take Pride In Our Work

MST Inc is a new name with traditional customer values. With over 75 years of texturing and molding experience our New Ohio facility is committed to maintain the quality, expertise and service all of our customers have been accustom to. MST Inc is able to supply our customers with a wide range of services to help in the completion of your tool project. With this new facility we can maintain our commitment to bring to your program the technology that has made MST Inc. the leader in the mold and die repair.  

Outstanding Company
First Class Services
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